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Somatic Department


Bukhar Zhyrau, 45/1

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Service description
Somatic Department is Keruen-Mеdicus structural division which provides healthcare service to therapeutic patients.
Somatic Department is appropriately equipped for high-quality and safe medical assistance. It includes:
Four enhanced-comfort single-bed wards equipped with Call Bell, oxygen consoles.
The wards are equipped with TV, internet, personal bathroom and shower cubicles.
There is a gym for group and private sessions, peel massage room, relaxing therapy room.
Our main focus is patient recovery from the disease, injury or health defect, anti-relapsing and preventive treatment, and therapy of morbid conditions including respiratory, gastrointestinal, digestive, urogenital and endocrine diseases.

Прием врача терапевта
10 000 tenge
Сопровождение терапевта
29 000 tenge
Дневное пребывание в палате
22 000 tenge
Суточное пребывание VIP
51 700 tenge
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