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Child health center

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Bukhar Zhyrau, 45/1

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Service description

Patient admission in pediatrics is two-way: 

•          Children’s clinic:

            - Outpatient visit of pediatrician 

            - Follow-up of children from 1 to 3 years old by "Baby" and "Infant" programs

            - Pediatric nerve specialist consultation

            - Pediatric orthopedist consultation

            - Eye specialist consultation

            - Оtolaryngologist сonsultation

            - Immunization of children

            - Massage


•          Children’s in-patient clinic:

            -Respiratory disease management

            -Gastrointestinal disease management

            -Renal and urogenital disease management

            -Management and prevention of infectious disease  etc.

Cost of initial consultation of pediatrician – 6 500 KZT

Первичный прием педиатра
10 000 tenge
Первичный прием детского хирурга
9 500 тенге tenge
Первичный прием детского пульмонолога
14 000 tenge
Консультация детского реабилитолога
11 000 tenge
Check up стандартный для детей
151 000 tenge
Check up расширенный для детей
280 000 tenge
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