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Standard Check-up for Children Program


Bukhar Zhyrau, 45/1



125 000 KZT.

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No in-patient  admission


Anthropometric measurements


Height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, heart rate, body index mass.

Overall status


Neuropsychic, motor and speech development, skin and adipose tissue, musculoskeletal and bone system, lymphatic and genitourinary system 

Consultation by specialists

Neurologist, eye specialist, orthopedist, ear, nose, and throat specialist, thyroid specialist 

Blood test


Blood type and rhesus blood group, microreaction, HIV, RW. Blood test (25 indicators), blood-clotting (coagulogram), glucose. Biochemical blood test: liver function (ALT, AST, GGTP, AP, total bilirubin), fractions, total protein, anemia markers (serum iron), renal function (creatinine, urea), skeletal system (serum calcium). Diabetes mellitus markers: glucose, glycated hemoglobin, vitamin D. 

Biological matrix test


Stool test. Stool ova and parasite PCR test (scaridosis, giardiasis, toxocariasis).


Eye test

Vision acuity measurement / visometry

Refraction and keratometry


Hearing test


Audiometry (from the age of 6)


Digestive system


US of the abdomen and kidneys


Cardiovascular system




Endocrine system


Thyroid and adrenal gland US.



General consultation (based on the results)


Pediatrician consultation. Medical assessment report. Examination interpretation. Examination passport.