Health for three hours

3 января 2019

Health for three hours

In the modern rhythm of life, everyone wants to get results as soon as possible. This applies to any domain of life, and health is no exception. Whereas, a resident of the modern metropolis remembers the health last, often when it is too late to fix something. And all because there is often no time to sit in line at the consulting room, call the registry in search of free specialists, travel from the clinic to the clinic in search of «that» doctor.

Keruen-Medicus offers a quick and easy solution to this problem. All you need is to choose us and release only 3-4 hours of your time. Do you agree, it is worth it to stay healthy and vigorous for many years?

Experienced and attentive Keruen-Medicus clinicians will conduct a comprehensive check-up of your body.

Check-up is a general or specialized examination of the body, the purpose of which is to quickly and accurately detect diseases of internal organs and systems in the early stages of their development. This method is considered to be as one of the best for the prevention of diseases. Having learned about the impending health problem, you can save yourself in the future from a lot of trouble and save a lot of money that would have to be spent on more serious treatment.

The Keruen-Medicus clinic, equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment, has developed several comprehensive diagnostic programs that are adjusted to the individual characteristics of each patient depending on many factors.


Why choose Keruen-Medicus?

- Our programs maximally take into account various factors: heredity, age and gender, lifestyle and professional activity of a person

- All our doctors have a great experience and are practicing specialists of hospitals, who are known not only in Almaty but also beyond

- Diagnostic equipment is one of the most modern in Kazakhstan, and some devices are the only one and only in our clinic.

How the procedure is going on?

The scheme is debugged to the smallest detail so as not to waste the time of the patient. After receiving pre-briefing on the preparation for the examination, the patient arrives on the appointed day, and then - he is literally started to be accompanied by his hand from counselling room to counselling room, from a specialist to diagnostics, etc. Each patient has an individual coordinator and a nurse who ensure that checks and examinations are completed without delay and as comfortable as possible for the person.

Thus, the most thorough examination of the whole organism does not take more than two visits to the clinic.

Do I need to stay inpatient to get a check-up?

Comprehensive diagnosis is of two types:

1. Outpatient, i.e. without hospitalization. These programs recommend that patients who do not have visible serious problems, but are carried out in order to check their health, for example, susceptibility to oncological diseases, condition of the vessels and / or internal organs, to make a complete blood test. Such programs include consultations with relevant specialists, laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations. The selected program can be completed within one day. According to the results of the examination, the patient receives an opinion and recommendations on treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

2. Inpatient, occupying 1.5-2 days in duration and hospitalization for this time is preferable. These programs allow you to check the body more deeply, examine some unclear - disturbing symptoms, and make a prediction about what diseases a person may develop in the future. If necessary, additional examinations are conducted or other specialized physicians are invited for consultations.

Comprehensive Check-up involves not only conducting various examinations, but also obtaining specific recommendations on nutrition, weight loss, physical therapy. In addition, you can get rehabilitation services. According to the results of a comprehensive check of the body, a detailed and understandable conclusion will be given - a Personal Health Passport. It contains a detailed description of existing diseases or a predisposition to them, methods of prevention: diet, physical exercise. Recommendations for taking medications (if necessary) and frequency of visits to doctors in the future are also going to be given.

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