Visit of the Sidra Medicine delegation from Qatar

15 декабря 2018

Dear friends, patients and our business partners!

We inform that on December 14, a delegation from the Qatari medical company Sidra Medicine visited the Keruen-Medicus clinic.

Sidra Medicine is the largest clinic in Qatar, which provides highly specialized care for pregnant women and children, applying the most advanced scientific and practical achievements in its practice, involving the most qualified doctors from around the world.

During the productive meeting, the Qatari delegation got acquainted with the work of our Clinic, as well as between our companies reached agreements on joint activities in the following areas:

- exchange of practical experience and implementation of the best practices of Sidra Medicine in the practical medicine of the Keruen-Medicus Clinic

- discussed the possibility of opening a representative office of Sidra Medicine in Almaty

- The possibility of organizing master classes with the involvement of their specialists to train city doctors and provide consultations for our patients and other issues for successful joint activities.

With care about your health,


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