Grand opening of the Keruen-Medicus clinic’s branch!

4 декабря 2018

Dear friends, patients, colleagues!

We want to share with you a joyful event that on December 1, 2018 at Sharipov st.,62 was the Grand opening of the branch Keruen-Medicus clinic

Our branch is conveniently located in the city center.

The clinic will provide medical care for adults and children in the following areas:

· Ultrasound

· X-ray

· Women's consultation

· Maternity ward

· Physiotherapy

· Mammology

· Surgery

· Laboratory

· Day hospital and 24-hour hospital

· Polyclinic for adults and children

See you soon in the new branch of the clinic!

With care about your health,


По всем вопросам звоните:

220-70-70, 292-67-56, 293-08-77, 239-07-03, 293-09-66, +7- 777-300-00-03, 292-37-40 (бухгалтерия)

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