Gynecology at the Keruen-Medicus clinic

18 декабря 2018

Conservative and operative gynecology at the Keruen-Medicus clinic

The Keruen-Medicus clinic provides consultations and receptions of specialists on any problems of gynecological health such as:

· Ovarian tumors

· Uterine tumors

· Cervical pathology

· Infertility of any genesis

· Premenopause, menopause

· Correction of hormonal sexual background of a woman

· Lowering and prolapse of the female genital organs

· Urinary incontinence, etc.


Also in the clinic there are small operations about:

· Uterine bleeding

· Removal of missed abortion using a vacuum exclaker

· Medical termination of pregnancy

· Mini-invasive correction of the vulvo-vaginal zone (gel techniques, mesothreads, etc.).


In addition, the following operations are performed in the Department of Operative Gynecology of the Keruen-Medicus Clinic:

· Hysteroscopy for intrauterine pathology

· Hysteroresectoscopy, when removing intracavitary formations

· Pathologies myomatous nodes, intrauterine septum, synechia (commissures) of the uterus, polyps of the uterus, etc.

· Laparoscopic surgery to remove the formations of the female genital organs with preservation of the organ itself (uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts)

· Laparoscopic emergency operations for ectopic pregnancies (for short periods of time with preservation of the fallopian tubes)

· Ovarian apoplexy, rupture of an ovarian cyst capsule, twist the legs of an ovarian cyst, etc.

· Removal of the uterus by laparoscopic access

· Laparoscopy in the treatment of endometriosis, parietal endometriosis, bulky endometrial formations, rectovaginal infiltrative endometriosis, etc.

· Endovideoscopic surgery for the correction of infertility

· Intimate operative plastic with the lowering and prolapse of the female genitals

· Intimate operative plastic with a combination of gel techniques

· Labioplasty

· Surgical treatment for incontinence

· Heminoplasty

· Intimate operative plastics with abdominoplasty

· Laparoscopic tubal sterilization and much more.

Gynecologists and surgeons of the clinic Keruen-Medicus, working on laparoscopic equipment (stand) of the company Karl Storz in 3D format of the last modification, which is the only one in Kazakhstan.

Our new items!

Heminoplasty - the package includes - blood test, microreaction, HIV, blood clotting, blood type, anesthesiologist consultation before surgery, anesthesia, surgery, observation after surgery.

Labioplasty (elimination of hypertrophy, asymmetry, postpartum deformity, postpartum tears, aesthetic correction of the labia minora) - the package includes - blood test, microreaction, HIV, blood clotting, blood group, anesthesiologist consultation before surgery, anesthesia, surgery, observation in dynamics after operation

Intimate operative plastic with abdominoplasty - the package includes - all necessary tests, consultation of the anesthesiologist before the operation, anesthesia, operations are performed by the surgeon and gynecologist-surgeon, stay in the hospital for 3 days, four meals a day, taking into account the diet table, care, treatment of postoperative zones, dressings, postoperative observation.

In the department of operative gynecology of the Keruen-Medicus clinic modern comfortable wards with stained glass windows with a beautiful view of the city, in each ward there is a functional transforming bed with orthopedic mattress, wardrobe, bedside table for personal belongings of the patient, a separate bathroom equipped with a modern shower room, also to your services, each ward has TV, refrigerator, telecommunications, Internet. In the department you will be met by polite and caring medical staff. Your stay will be pleasant and homely coziness!

The team of the Keruen-Medicus clinic will do everything possible to get you highly qualified and professional medical care!

With care about your health,


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