Welcome to the new Medical Center «Keruen-Medicus»

The medical center "Keruen-Medicus" is a modern specialized medical center that provides a wide range of medical services to the entire population, including children of all ages.



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 Dear visitors, customers and friends! We gladly welcome you on the website of medical clinic «Keruen – Medicus. The purpose of this website is to present you our clinic, advise you on the wide range of medical services and show why we are superior to other medical institutions. «Keruen - Medicus» company was founded in the year of 2000. Today our clinic is one of the biggest private medical organizations in Kazakhstan. Our organization is a part of a larger dynamic group of companies «Keruen». Starting with a small medical center, today we are a worthy representative of a private medical business. We constantly work on the improvement of the quality of health services, updating medical equipment park, spreading health services and the involvement of highly skilled professionals. We work hard thinking through every detail for the comfort of our visitors. Highly educated professionals will provide an accurate diagnosis, an adequate treatment and their 24/7 assistance till your full recovery. Multidisciplinary medical center «Keruen – Medicus» is located in the central part of the city of Almaty and occupies 7 floors. You will be greeted by the professional security, which is there to ensure your safe stay.


«Keruen – Medicus» has the following divisions:


- clinic for children and adults:

- laboratory;

- x-ray diagnostics;

- ultrasound diagnostics;

- maternity department;

- pregnancy pathology department;

- department of surgery including vascular surgery;

- mammalogy


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